BailAdoro Zurich: Bachata Classes Partnerwork

Bachata Partnerwork: is a traditional dance of the Domenican Republic, a couple dance based on leading-following and danced in a 4/4 time. While traditional bachata was danced in a tight dance posture, more modern interpretations added open positions, more movement and footwork. Meanwhile, bachata incorporates a wide range of movements and styles including salsa footwork and turns, and is even inspired by tango, kizomba, zouk, baalroom and contemporary dance. Bachata Ladystyle: A course for all women who want to give their dance even more expression, feminine naturalness and charisma. Natural, feminine and sexy movements with shoulders and hips are practised. Flowing movements, hand and arm styling as well as open shines (footwork for women) are learned.

Precio de entrada: CHF 20.00

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