30 Años De Power: Luisito Ayala Y La Puerto Rican Power En Vivo - DVD

Wow! Fabulous LIVE session now on DVD by the venerable salsa orchestra. This is the type of performance that builds momentum with each track.

Led by trumpeter Luisito Ayala, the band also includes trumpeter Jorge "Wisin" Pantojas, trombone players Esteban Gonzalez and Jerry Rivas Jr., and pianist Jimmie Collazo. 30 Años features a whole crew of singers: Josué Rosado, Carlos Vega, Omar Rodriguez, Pedro Sanz, Pichie Pérez (direct from Sonora Ponceña) and Ito Rivera. Listen to the killer "Se Te Fue La Mano" as sung by Pichie Pérez, or the smokin' "Cuando Falta Tu" another killer salsa track sung by Pérez -- this one arranged by Lenny Prieto. Then there's the fiery "Si Pero No" as interpreted by Josué Rosado — it's a big DJ Alert danceclub track. A nice surprise and... Highly Recommended.