“El Clan de Jhonny” - great colombian Salsa

We like to recommend you this brand new album of colombian singer, composer and musician JHONNY ARZUZA (second voice of famous Joe Arroyo) who with great efford could realize his very own product.

Jhonny Arzuza, born Adolfredo Arzuza Alcázar and long term sideman as second voice of famous Joe Arroyo - both from Cartagena, Colombia, also singer of la Protesta de Colombia, several works with Gustavo Fortych, Los Salvajes - just to name a few - made a great effort to produce and publish his first own album in his decades' career together with his "kids" like son Adolfredo Jr. who plays the bass here.

This album offers his own compositions - only the "me voy pal campo" is composed and penned by Ramiro T. Mogollón, the only barranquillero who ever wrote for Puerto Rico's el Gran Combo and la Sonora Ponceña - swinging tunes with the typical colombian costal flair and sense of humour.

El Clan de Jhonny surely is a dancers' delight - enjoy!

[Eveyln Raetz, Germany]