"El Gato" Jose Luis Moran, Venezuelan singer considered "Ambassador of Salsa" and the Latino culture throughout the world.

We had the chance to chat briefly with this cheerful and closed singer who despite having been nominated for the Latin Grammy and Music Academy Awards of Spain or have shared stages with artists like Larry Harlow, Adalberto Santiago, Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz and Oscar D'León among many others, does not suffer from harmful "star syndrome" and we spread their vitality, optimism and friendliness. It is a pleasure to interview an artist who primarily remains accessible and humble in his personal and professional treatment.

- Tell me, how long have you been in music, who or what influenced you to this genre of Salsa?
I’ve been already more than 20 years on stage but I started very young, when I learned to play guitar, and before reaching the age of majority I was singing in clubs and discos where not old to enter but my height solved that situation.
I met Salsa through the radio in my childhood and I asked my parents to give me salsa long plays instead of toys, which they did not, so once I recorded several salsa programs in cassettes from an english course of my Father and that was when I was taken more seriously but do not think that I got the long plays I was requesting them. (Laughs)
My influences?? Ruben Blades, Oscar D'Leon, Tito Allen, Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz, Cheo Feliciano... artists that have had the privilege and joy of sharing the stage with on several occasions.

- Of which nationality are you? You have your own band? Where in Spain you live in?
I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, where Salsa is listened even before we are born and I have spent several years in Spain so I have dual citizenship. The truth is that I have been treated so well here that I feel both Venezuelan and Spanish. I live in Madrid hence the name "CAT" because people born in this city are called like that, something that makes me feel very proud indeed.
With respect to the orchestra a few years ago I lead one called Madridcaibo (the fusion between Madrid and Maracaibo) and it was the one who accompanied me on the recording that was nominated for the Latin Grammy but functionality usually accompany me local orchestras when I travel to perform to Russia, Arab Emirates, Holland, Germany, etc, because it is more comfortable for the concert & event promoters. In Europe there are very good musicians and when I play in Spain is Spanish All Stars Band, composed of excellent musicians based in the country, who come with me.

- But ... why people call you "El Gato Salsero? Where does the name?
It is curious this subject and I’m sort of proud of it, you'll see why. Those who are born in Madrid are called "Cats" and this comes from when the city was called MAGRIT and was dominated by Muslims many years ago. When Christian besieged the city to take it back several warriors began to scale the walls during the attack and they seemed that climbed the walls like "cats".
And the nickname was metioned during an interview with Spanish Television because interviewer closes it saying that even that I was born in Venezuela they considere I was a cat, a Cat Salsero (laughs)
From there people call me "El Gato" in concert posters placing "El Gato" Jose Luis Moran on it, etc, etc and it sounded good, you know what happens in these cases... At the end everybody call me “Cat” Moran.

- How many albums (CDs) have you recorded?
I have published three CDs including one of traditional Venezuelan music. We are working to record a new one in 2015 although I'm not sure if we will make a CD with 10 or 12 songs or I opted for a format of 2 or 3 songs. I’ve got many compositions to see light but also it depends on several factors in the music industry and the changes that are happening globally. I am convinced that it is better to record few songs that burst the dance floor and get on many scenarios that recording a lot which are not fully appreciated as usually happens.

- What is your current project, you have some shows in Spain or elsewhere in Europe?
My Management agency is Cat 7 Productions and luckily they are responsible for all booking and complexity that this represents, if it were not so I would go crazy (laughs) Cat 7 Productions is preparing performances next year and I am aware that there are already several ones closed in Europe and Spain as well as in Arab countries where Salsa hits hard. Anecdotally to this regard I would like to mention that once I play a concert at the Itl’l Festival of Jawhara Morocco in front of more than 150,000 people. At the end of the show they sang at unison a Koran verse that repeated 7 times to thanks the performance and respect shown that night, something really memorable because it is easy to say, more than 150,000 people, but got to be on stage to feel such a powerful energy, Woow!!!

- Some outstanding tour in the future for USA, Europe, Asia?
Yes, as I mentioned before the agency is precisely organizing everything and will be announced in due course. They are considering the possibility of doing an American tour, Europe is like home because of the proximity of all countries and Asia is a dream coming trae. Personally I love to play “pure candela” there because I came into this world to gladden the hearts of the people, to give them happiness and rhythm, and share with the Australian public will be incredible !!

Where promoters can communicate with you for Booking?
It is very easy, the website of Agency is www.cat7productions.com or just go to a search engine and put the name Cat 7 Productions. In website anybody will find all the contact details, you know, mails, phone numbers, etc.

We thanks “El Gato” Moran for his time and cordiality during this interview. People who really likes Salsa should come to “El Gato” concerts, full of interactions and joy… 100% guaranteed!!