Prague Latino Festival

Would You like to dance Rueda?? What about 4 hrs of Bachata in one row? ...or  Musicality and Bodymovement? Maybe a totaly different dance-style?? Well, then choose something! 18. - 20.5.2012 / Czech republic - Prague.

At this festival we have 3 Halls and the following Artists:
Osbanis Tejeda (Cuba) and Anneta Kepka (Poland), Troy Anthony Spooner and Jorjet Alcocer (USA),Yanek Revilla (Cuba), Magna Gopal (USA), Karuk Jean-Michel Gregoire (France), Super Mario (UK), Farid Ferchach (France), Daniel Berlanga and Guidonet Esteve (Spain), The Style Project (Italy)
In the evening You here Music from: DJ Mauri (Holland), DJ N-Rike (Cuba), DJ Oz (UK)
We offer the following Workshops:

  • Salsa Cubana and 8 Workshops just with Rueda de Casino (Funky, Bodymovement, Soncha, Rumba-AfroCuban, Men's and Ladies Styling in Casino)

  • Musicality a Footwork

  • Salsa Hip Hop

  • Salsa-Acrobatic

  • Salsa DC

  • Salsa Puertorriquena - Linea

  • Salsa NY Style

  • Salsa Men's, Ladies and Sexy Girls Style

  • Bachata DC

  • Bachata Linea

  • Bachata Romantica

  • Pachanga

  • Cha cha cha

Bachata Romantica with Daniel y Desirée

Farid coming back to Prague with his joyfull lessons bachata, salsa linea and salsa acrobatic!!!

Dominican Bachat with masters.. Troy y Jorjet

And Yanek Revilla