Pedrito Calvo Junior y su orquesta

Salsa Festival Saint-Tropez (08 - 10 Juni)

Located in the Gulf of St Tropez, Port Grimaud, the village of "Prairie de la Mer" welcomes you in an exceptional setting. Located on the beach near the lagoon city, the holiday village is ideal for organizing the Festival.
Facing St Tropez, the resort offers a wide variety of lodging: houses Polynesian style perfectly fits the exotic vegetation of the village, the more traditional bungalows and more.

Within the village, everything is designed to make your stay enjoyable:
Many shops and services, restaurants, snacks and various bars.

During these three days you will discover a large panel of artists: Dancers, musicians, professors, lecturers, all bathed in the purest tradition of Latin and Afro Caribbean. Great live concerts, shows, events and conferences will run in turn.

No need to drive or to plan long trips between rooms, everything is running on the spot! You will be at hand of the sea, facing Saint Tropez in an idyllic setting! For this first edition, we are honored to be patronize by the Salsabor School in Paris.

Prepare your flip flops, your dancing shoes, a swimsuit, evening wear and voila! You are willing to share a weekend real soon then ...


- EXCLUSIVE CONCERT: Pedrito Calvo Junior aka "Los Van Van" (confirmed)

- Clifford and Gaelle of Salsabor, Paris (confirmed)
- Alex Lima, Brazil, Paris (confirmed)
- Onilde and Karem, Paris (confirmed)
- Adel and Diaz Martinez, Paris (confirmed)
- La Diferencia, Netherlands (confirmed)
- Anaïs Morenasso and Millon, Paris (confirmed)
- Cubana dance, Paris (confirmed)
- Bob H. Ekoto, Lyon (confirmed)
- Isabelle & Félicien, Paris (Confirmed)
- Accent Mitif, Paris (confirmed)
- Nicosalsa, Valbonne (confirmed)
- Oasilatina, Italy (confirmed)
- Levenson, Nice (confirmed)
- Salsa Conga, Toulon (confirmed)
- Mike, Toulon (confirmed)
- Millie timbera, Marseille (confirmed)
- Chris Py & Cindy, Cannes (Confirmed)
- Anthony & Marie Newstyle Salsa,Draguignan (confirmed)
- Joachim-Salsa'jo, Fréjus (Confirmed)
- Niko sonrisa, Saint-Raphael (confirmed)
- DJ Gabriel, Paris (confirmed)
- DJ Steeve, Belgium (confirmed)
- DJ Aimé, Belgium (confirmed)
- DJ Gass, Paris (Confirmed)
- DJ El Bantu, Paris (confirmed)
- DJ Jomix, Toulouse (Confirmed)
- DJ Jeremy, Nice (confirmed)
- And more artists coming soon...