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Alberto García Feat @jeffballardVEVO | Aguas Africanas

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Today we celebrate half a year since the release of my new album and we celebrate it with a new Videoclip! Aguas Africanas, a composition inspired by the waves of the sea crashing against the stones on the shore of the sea, of course in the Canary Islands, where we share our waters with mother Africa. It is on my new album called Rajazz that we recorded live all playing in the same room. It must be said that we all recorded at the same time as it was done in the old days. This offers many limitations when it comes to editing and mixing, but the result is a fresh music where the interaction between the musicians is possible and in my humble opinion necessary in this style of music. The album is composed of 9 tracks, which were recorded in only six hours.

Percussion/composition and leading: Alberto García
Drums: @jeffballardVEVO
Bass: Roberto Koch
Guitar: @oliverpellet
Piano: Cesar Correa
Trombone: Lou Lecaudey & Raphael Rosse
Sax: @MusicGerryLopez

Artwork: Mariela Peña / Yannick Woungly / Alberto Garcia
Audio Recording/Mix/Master: Jonas Prina
Photos: Sebastian Till
Video Fx: @thenoiseoftime978 Mario Robles
Video Shooting: Rhapsodist & Alberto García
Video Edit: Alberto García
Comp: Alberto García
Arr: Alberto García / Lou Lecaudey

Cymbals: @PaisteChannel
Music video by Alberto García performing Aguas Africanas (C) 2022 Alberto García Music

5 de noviembre de 2022