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Alberto García Feat @jeffballardVEVO | Málaga | Album Rajazz

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Here I present Malaga, a composition of mine from 2019 but I didn't have the pleasure of recording it until years later. Inspired by the beautiful city of Malaga, the song has two parts, the first one a quieter part that represents the mornings in the city in which we play a rhythm called danzon, but we mix it with other jazz and flamenco aspects. The second part is a "Descarga" full of energy and intensity, representing the nights in the city. The end is a bit confusing, because for me my story with Malaga is not over yet.

Percussion/composition and leading: Alberto García
Drums: @jeffballardVEVO
Bass: Roberto Koch
Guitar: @oliverpellet
Piano: Cesar Correa
Trombone: Lou Lecaudey & Raphael Rosse
Sax: @MusicGerryLopez

Artwork: Mariela Peña
Audio Recording/Mix/Master: Jonas Prina
Video: Rhapsodist
Video Edition & Colors: Alberto García
Comp: Alberto García / Arr. Lou Lecaudey & Alberto García

Cymbals: @PaisteChannel
Music video by Alberto García performing Málaga (C) 2022 Alberto García Music

14 de enero de 2022