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Alberto García Feat Victor Barceló & Yasek Manzano | A Zen Tao

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The collaboration between Alberto Garcia and Victor Barceló in percussion and Yasek Manzano on the #trumpet has resulted in the creation of "A Zen Tao," an innovative piece that blends African musical roots with experimental sounds. The piece offers a unique timbral texture, with hypnotic #rhythms and captivating melodies that invite the listener to explore uncharted soundscapes.
Through the use of various percussion instruments, including drums, "A Zen Tao" creates a sound landscape that is rich with textures and nuances. Yasek Manzano's trumpet contributions add a complementary layer of melody and #harmony, creating a fascinating counterpoint to the complex rhythmic patterns.
These three highly talented musicians are renowned for their ability to merge different musical genres and traditions, and "A Zen Tao" is a testament to their skills in exploring new horizons in the realm of music. With its blend of traditional African musical influences and contemporary experimental sounds, "A Zen Tao" is a noteworthy creation that will captivate and enthrall music lovers everywhere.

Trumpet: @yasekmanzano2884
Percussion: @victorbarcelomusic
Percussion: @albertogarciamusic

Mix/Master: Jose Mendoza
Master: Fernando Alvarez

Artwork cover Single: Mirna Karla Rodríguez Boada

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Video Edition: Alberto García
Music video by Alberto García | Fuego y Agua (C) 2023 Alberto García Music

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5 de abril de 2023