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Alberto García Feat #AlcibiadesDurruthy | Fuego Y Agua

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I have the pleasure to present this collaboration with the singer Alcibiades Durruthy from Guantanamo (Cuba) called "Fuego y Agua" (Fire & Water). Of the music I have composed so far, this is the most danceable and popular, but always with a touch of jazz in the background as the modal interchange of harmony not so traditional in #Cubanmusic. Also using melodic lines that do not define the mode of the composition at first and combining all this with texts that inspire confusion, but in the end it all makes sense.

I have had the pleasure of having a wonderful work team to whom I want to thank for all their involvement and the love transmitted, Muchas Gracias!

Composition/Arrangement/Production/Edition: @albertogarciamusic
Lyrics: @albertogarciamusic
Soneos: @chinoconpasas-alcibiadesdu8594
Voice: #AlcibiadesDurruthy
Backing Vocals: @alcidestoiracorret2852 / @susanaortalopez / @albertogarciamusic
Trumpet: #JuanMunguia
Piano: #JoséBraide
Bass: Rodolfo (Fofi) Lusson
Maracas, Bongo, Campana: @totonoriega6632
Recording voice: Christian Castro
Mix/Master: Jose Mendoza
Master: Fernando Alvarez
Timbales, Congas, Güiro: @albertogarciamusic

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Video Edition: Alberto García
Music video by Alberto García | Fuego y Agua (C) 2023 Alberto García Music

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1 de marzo de 2023