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Alberto García Feat Jeff Ballard | El Gato Cansado

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Join us in celebrating the one-year anniversary of my album, "Rajazz", with the premiere of our new videoclip featuring a composition by the talented musician and dear friend Lou Lecaudey.

Recorded in a single room, "Rajazz" captures the authentic and vibrant energy of jazz music. Although the recording process presented some challenges in editing and mixing, the end result is a fresh and dynamic musical experience that showcases the seamless interplay between the musicians.

Featuring a total of nine tracks, "Rajazz" takes listeners on a journey through the heart and soul of jazz, fusing together different genres and rhythms to create a truly unique and captivating sound. The album showcases the incredible musicianship and passion of the performers, and each track is bursting with creativity and virtuosity.

Don't miss out on this incredible musical experience. Join us in celebrating the beauty of jazz and the enduring power of live performance with "Rajazz".

Percussionand leading: Alberto García
Drums: @jeffballardVEVO
Bass: Roberto Koch
Guitar: @oliverpellet
Piano: Cesar Correa
Trombone: Lou Lecaudey & Raphael Rosse
Sax: @MusicGerryLopez

Artwork: Mariela Peña / Yannick Woungly / Alberto Garcia
Audio Recording/Mix/Master: Jonas Prina
Photos: Sebastian Till
Video Shooting: Rhapsodist & Alberto García
Video Edit: Alberto García
Comp: Lou Lecaudey

Cymbals: @PaisteChannel
Music video by Alberto García performing Aguas Africanas (C) 2023 Alberto García Music

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5 de mayo de 2023