MOTHER NATURE online jam with Yolanda Charles

MOTHER NATURE online jam with Yolanda Charles

Bass/Gt - Yolanda Charles
Piano - Alex Wilson
Drums - Westley Joseph
Vocals - Nolita Golding
Vocals - Rodrigo Rodriguez

Video and Audio production by Alex Wilson

I was about to go to bed on Thursday night and a bass/drum groove, by Yolanda Charles and Westley Joseph, jumped out of my phone, inviting me to collaborate! I grabbed an espresso and within an hour had recorded a montuno and reposted. And it spiralled from there. Less then a week later and after a lot of recording and video editing work with contributions from Rodrigo Rodriguez 'Rodry-Go' Nolita Golding Westley Joseph and Phillip Harper a new mini song was born "Mother Nature" #lockdowncreativity #sessionmusician #wewillgetthroughthis

2 de abril de 2020